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Oil Based Paint vs. Latex Based Paint – Pros & Cons

So you want to paint and you’re faced with the confusing option of oil or water based paints? An easy way out will be the basic rule of oil based paint for wood and latex based paint for walls and simple projects. However, an understanding of the makeup of these two types of paints as […]


Difference Between Power Washing & Pressure Washing

Power washing and pressure washing often mistaken for the same thing, and although there are not many major differences, the slight differences they DO have can actually affect your cleaning performance. Yes they both use water, and yes they both use pressure but it is the minor variations that make them very separate services. Whether […]


The Benefits of Power Washing Exteriors of your home

Whether you’re selling your home, trying to find new tenants for a commercial property, or simply want your building to stand out amongst the others in your street; the solution could be as simple as power washing. There is no doubt that over time, our properties become dirty. From the rain to the winds, snow […]