Popcorn Ceiling Removal in NJ and Beyond!

Do you or a loved one have a home with a popcorn ceiling and are contemplating its removal? Here are some facts that you should be aware of before you begin scraping anything or attempting to remove it yourself. There are definitely some safety issues here, so proceed with caution.


Popcorn ceilings were often referred to as acoustic ceilings, stucco ceilings, and cottage cheese ceilings early on. This painted on or sprayed coating treatment was used to hide imperfections and improve lighting through common areas of the home. Some even used it to improve the sound properties and qualities in a room. Areas like the kitchen and bathrooms rarely used this type of ceiling due to moisture and cleaning concerns.

The Clean Air Act of 1978 (EPA) banned these ceiling treatments because they contained asbestos fibers, but existing dwellings with these popcorn ceilings were grandfathered in and exempt from the ban. In addition, existing inventories of asbestos-carrying materials were also exempt to prevent economic hardships on contractors and suppliers. This is why many homes built even into the 1980’s sill have popcorn ceilings installed. If your home was built from 1990 onward, and you have a popcorn ceiling, it is probably a different “paper based” material and most likely does not contain asbestos. Texture ceilings are still common, so it is important to know what you have and if it is potentially harmful.

Should I remove my popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings, if left alone and in tact rarely are a health issue. The problem is that this typically harmless ceiling can have the outer layers disturbed depending on the homes environment. Once this outer surface gets scraped or damaged, the fibers can pose serious health issues. Many times these fibers are microscopic and thus the threat can even be hidden from the naked eye. The permanent solution is to remove these ceilings altogether and the worries that go along with them.

The aggravation of the ceiling is usually caused when it comes time to cleaning it. Popcorn ceilings have a tendency to trap dirt and dust and they will lose their bright white appearance over time. Home owners usually will try to paint or clean the surface. This can be a problem as the surface can get aggravated during this process.

If you are curious as to whether or not you are at risk, you can purchase an asbestos test kit at almost any home improvement or hardware store for under $10. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment when you obtain your sample.


Want to make the whole popcorn ceiling process simple, easy, and trouble free? Contact Creative Painting!

The truth is that popcorn ceiling removals should be done properly and by professionals to avoid any potential problems. It is a messy and often dangerous job and as a home owner you want it done right. Any project that deals with asbestos fibers is considered high risk. Why take on this risk yourself? In addition to the actual job being a health hazard, it is also tedious and when completed, the clean up must be immaculate. We will make sure when finished, you will have nothing left to worry about and your home will be spotless.

Simply stated, there is never a real good reason to take a chance on doing this type of work yourself unless you are trained to do so. A professional service like Creative Painting can keep you safe from these potential hazards while making sure that the job is done properly. Popcorn ceiling removal specialists are trained in the appropriate ways to handle these dangerous materials in order to avoid their effects.

We have been removing popcorn ceilings in New Jersey for over 30 years. We would be happy to evaluate your situation, give you guidance and proceed to make your home free of this hazard quickly and easily. If your home in NJ was built prior to 1990 and you are curious whether your popcorn ceiling has asbestos or not, simply give us a call. We will take care of the rest. Contact Us Today!