Wallpaper Services in NJ and Beyond

Wallpapering is always an option in lieu of painting and although there are some things to consider before going the wallpaper route, there are many solid advantages one should consider. Creative Painting is happy to install wallpaper in your home or office. While it looks easy to do and the concept is fairly simple, it can be quite frustrating when it comes to lining the paper up or avoiding bubbles. To perfectionists, wallpaper can be a challenge to say the least.


1) Durability
When you paint, it is normal to touch it up every 3-5 years. However, most people dont know wallpaper can last 15 years or more. This is a huge relief for those who know that the design or pattern is one they want to keep for a long time. It also makes wallpaper a great option for rental property owners. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to clean, so rather than having to repaint, hot water and soap is all that is required. For many, this is music to the ear!

Keep in mind that wallpaper at the end of the day is paper. At some point it will begin to peel. It is wise to buy a couple of extra rolls for touch up purposes down the road as finding that exact design 10 years from now may be a hard task to accomplish. One more thing to take into consideration is the activity in the home. The family lifestyle should be factored into both selection of wallpaper and its finish.

2) Costs
Now, installation costs for wallpaper is usually higher than paint. However, when you factor in the durability of the product, a savings over time can definitely be recognized. With every project, both paint and wallpaper, budgets have to be considered. Wallpaper comes in a variety of qualities and materials for just about every budget. In addition, for small areas, wallpapering can be a quick solution and savings as paint rolls, brushes and paint are not required.
3) Options & Designs
When painting, solid colors are normally the way to go. However, when using wallpaper, the intricate textures, designs and patterns are literally endless. Even if you could find a painter to provide a custom design, the costs involved would be extremely high. With wallpaper, you avoid all that. Simply pick from a million patterns, designs, and shades for whatever your heart desires. Those wanting an extremely creative room or unique pattern may love this as an option.

A great idea as far as options is the combination of both wallpaper and paint. You can get a texture or design you want but if the wallpaper you select has a paint friendly finish, you can combine the two. This is seen as the best of both worlds (with the exception of costs) for many who are looking for both a unique look and a durable result.

WALLPAPER – Things to take into consideration

Wallpaper doesn’t do to well in moist or hot areas of the home. Peeling is always an issue in wet environments. At Creative Painting we strongly suggest you avoid using wallpaper in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Wallpaper is best if applied in the living areas of a home. Avoid walls with glossy finishes (bathrooms and kitchens often have these) as well as the wallpaper may not adhere properly.
While this can be a benefit (See above), it also can be a disadvantage in the short run. Also, applying wallpaper properly is a tedious task and the cost of hiring a professional who does it correctly has to be factored in. Hiring a professional (if they stand behind their work) will guarantee longevity, but again the upfront costs may exceed a normal paint job. Those on tight budgets have to take these costs into consideration.
If wallpaper was originally put on properly or in large sheets, you may be able to remove it without much hassle. However, if the prep work prior to initial installation was not done correctly or if the wallpaper is extremely old, this can be another tedious task to consider.

Before applying wallpaper, prep work is usually a must. If the prep work is not done properly, you are looking at having to redo the entire job down the road. Make sure the wall area is carefully prepped and level before proceeding. As most things in life, don’t rush in, make sure you get all the information. To avoid all potential problems and headaches,sandpapering, scrapers, and razors, simply call Creative Painting! We will make sure your experience is a pleasant one.


We have been providing wallpapering and painting services as a family business for over 30 years. We actually love what we do and the look on our clients faces upon completion. Its our goal to make you happy and make whatever you are envisioning in your mind a reality.

Creative Painting will:

  • Never rush your project. Wallpaper is not a “speed job”. Slower is usually faster when it comes to a wallpaper project.
  • Be detail oriented! Precision cuts and measurements are often required especially in complex areas of the home. Corners should be seamless. When finished wallpapering, the viewer should not be able to tell if it is wallpaper or paint if done correctly. Creative Painting will make sure this is the case.
  • Offer options. The customer is the boss! We will offer suggestions and provide guidance, but we will always leave final decision making to you.

We hope to hear from you soon and remember, if you have questions, we are always here to help. Even if you are thinking of doing your job yourself and have a question you need answered, we will point you in the right direction. Please feel free to contact us today!